Slow the fuck down, Sister Hazel.

Its January, 10 degrees outside, the zipper on my coat broke weeks ago and I finally decide to bite the bullet and go buy a coat. Like a real, dependable adult coat. Cause I’m an adult. I go to Kohls and what do I see??

I see winter coats on clearance which means there are slim pickin’s but they’re cheaper! This is a WIN! Yeah, buddy!

Wait. What? Hold on, what is that? Oh sweet mother. Swimsuits. Fucking swimsuits.


In January.

I gave that display the side eye for well over 15 seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, I despise winter. It’s my fourth favorite season. I would rather buy a swimsuit but it’s cold and I should have adequate weather appropriate attire available to me for purchase.

Why can’t we, as a society, just “be”? We are always jumping the gun, nothing current can ever be savored, we are constantly being pushed to the next thing. These damn swimsuits mixed in with the coats today just symbolized a much larger problem. AND it pissed me off!

It’s like Christmas starting at the end of October and the Valentines merch on the shelf the day after Christmas! Consumerism (although I partake) is bananas. Straight up…bananas.

My mental health strategy includes mindfulness. Enjoying the moment I am in. This accelerated world makes it hard. The minute I prepare to accept anything, it changes. It’s January, I will be wearing a coat for four more months. The winter was slow to start (which was nice) and now that it’s here we should try to enjoy it or accept it.

So here I am. I am in the moment, its fucking cold and I need a new coat. I go to buy said coat and I’m bitch slapped by swimsuits. Now I’m thinking golly, sure wish it were warmer and next thing you know I’m wishing away the next four months of my life. That’s four months of tucking my kids into their cozy beds, four months of dinners around the table, four months of family game nights, four months of hugs and “I love you” from my husband and kids, four months of laughing and living. Four months …and here I am just wishing it away because it’s cold out right now.

Slow the fuck down.

Just. Slow. Down.





2 thoughts on “Slow the fuck down, Sister Hazel.

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  1. Oh my goodness this cracked me up. I’m so glad I found your blog and now I intend on reading each past post. I’ll make my way through em~
    While this DID crack me up, your points are so very valid. I can’t say I haven’t fallen into the role of wishing away months. Summer in Texas makes it easy to wish for Fall, but I will do my best to slow down the next time I play the wish away game. 🙂

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