I am a Victim of the 90’s brow.

I hated my eyebrows growing up. Hated them. They were gigantic and weird and I think they were five hairs away from connecting. As a gift for my 15th birthday my mom, who went to beautician school, tweezed my eyebrows for me. In hindsight, they were perfect. She taught me how to keep them cleaned up and I took it from there. At some point, unsure when, I just kept tweezing…

and tweezing…

and tweezing…

until I ended up with the pencil thin brow that was ALL THE RAGE in the 90’s.

Thin. Pointy. Straight as an arrow.

I stopped tweezing my own brows almost three years ago for a couple reasons;

  1. Clearly I am not responsible and should not be trusted with tweezers and
  2. I have accepted my inability to see my face without my glasses.

I started going to the Brow Bar at ULTA. I met a mystical woman who promised to fix them as long as I didn’t touch them.

AGREED! Where do I sign??

I was going in about every 2 months to get them cleaned up and reshaped. I really felt like I was winning at eyebrows!

About 6 months ago I was in a pinch and needed a tweeze. Instead of waiting for my Brow Master I opted for second in command.


In less than 10 minutes she undid all of my regrowth and left me with my high school brows. I was pissed. But not pissed enough to bitch just pissed enough to never let her touch my face with hot wax again.


I was devastated. I felt like I should peg my pants, get a bad perm and dig out my letterman coat and just own the whole look.

I have had two waxes since the “event” and things are looking better but not awesome.

At my last brow session, my Brow Master recommended an over the counter product for regrowth. It’s called RapidBrow and supposedly it’s made from unicorns.

I shall purchase this magic and report back.



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