Reflections: People Suck

I lost my scarf. I’m pretty pissed about it.

My conclusion?

People suck.

I tried to make myself feel better about it by telling myself the person who took it probably needed it more than me.


They took it because they are an asshole.

Because that’s what assholes do. I didn’t lose it outside and a homeless person found it and kept it.

I’d be ok with that.

No, I lost it in a restaurant.


If you’re in a restaurant, clearly you have disposable income. If you have disposable income then you can buy a scarf. If you can buy a scarf you don’t need to take mine.


Based on the appearance of the Lost and Found box at my kids’ school, I can deduce that kids are not assholes. They find stuff and give it to a teacher who puts it in a box for the rightful owner to reclaim.

Somewhere between elementary school and adulthood a percentage of people become assholes and take shit that isn’t theirs.


I don’t understand how people feel ok about taking shit that isn’t theirs.

What is the trigger switch for that behavior? At what point does a person think that’s ok.

Is it a sense of entitlement? In this case, it is surely not out of fucking necessity. I can only conclude that the person who took my scarf is a degenerative prick who thinks that society owed them this scarf.

We should all be more like kids.

Kids care. Kids accept guidance from many sources.

As we grow through teenage years and into adults we think we don’t need guidance anymore.

Then we turn the wrong way.

Then we are too stubborn to seek guidance.

Then we make stupid decisions. LIKE TAKING A PERSONS DAMN SCARF.

We are never too old for guidance. We are never too old to allow those with more knowledge than us to influence us.

We should all be more like kids.

And if you have kids, you can learn as much from them as you can teach them.



3 thoughts on “Reflections: People Suck

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  1. Maybe it was the waitress, who works two jobs to care for her child and pays for student loans for a job that doesn’t actually exist.

    Or a teenager. Teenagers do that shit under the lie of “victim-less crime”.

    Either way, I will crochet you a new one.


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