anxiety and work attire

So. Recently, my place of business, changed the dress code. We moved from traditional corporate business casual to what is called “situational dress”. Basically, we dress for our day. If we have no meetings then go for jeans and hoodie, casual meetings then jeans and maybe a cute top, meeting with business partners then kick it up a notch, meetings with people you NEED to make an impression on, like vendors or senior leaders, then GO FOR GOLD with dress pants, blouse and a blazer.

I like the middle of the road look. Jeans, blouse, cardi or blazer, jewelry and heels. Flats if this is a low key day. I like to feel like I look like I have my shit together. I had two planned meetings on Friday. Both casual project meetings. I wore bootleg jeans, t-rex socks, teal Vans with tiny yellow polka dots, and red and white check shirt with a zip up collared jacket (complete with corporate logo – you know, I’m committed to the brand!). I thought I was lookin’ a-ok!

Got to my desk, set myself up for the day. Had me a Mindful Moment with my Burt’s Bees. Reminded Facebook and Twitter (@SomGreenGlasses – shameless plug) to have a Mindful Moment. Obviously. I was feeling super relaxed and great!

Turned around and BOOM! There is business partner…

…in dress pants and dress shirt and he’s all like

“Hey! We’ve been waiting for you but then I looked at the invite and noticed they forgot to invite you”

“Uh, oh, ok”

“Our vendor is here doing his presentation, do you have time, can you join?”

“Sure, uh, ok”

I chugged my coffee and did the quick walk to the meeting room, slowed down significantly once I got within about 30 feet, you know, to give the illusion that I was physically fit and not out of breath. And then I thought, well shit, I am not situationally dressed for THIS situation. I entered the room and there are five men, including the vendor, in dress pants and dress shirts. And here I am like…”heyyyyyy”.


Gave myself a brief pep talk “ask intelligent questions and no one will notice the t-rex socks”. I rolled with it. I thought about being underdressed a few times throughout the meeting, let the thought come in, mindfully acknowledged it, and let it go right back out.

What did not happen? My heart DID NOT race. My ears DID NOT get red (one of signs that my heart rate is elevated). I did not have anxiety. I was so excited after this nearly two hour presentation that I text my husband about it and proudly declared that “I made anxiety my bitch!”

It was a great moment. I celebrated it. And I added it to the “win” column. But am mindful that success will not repeat itself 100% of the time. That’s the acceptance part. If I were to let myself think that because I made it through this one I’ll make it through the next. THEN the next thing comes around and I don’t…I will be devastated and very hard on myself. So, acceptance it is! I’ll celebrate this one!



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  1. I loved that last paragraph. It’s so easy to fall back into old thinking patterns when we are on a winning run with anxiety and we lose one. My husband is always quick to remind when I say something like ”I’m so mad that this is happening, I was doing so good’ that one moment does not erase another. I can be doing ”so good” and still have moments when my anxiety wins. the outfit.

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