Exercises. But not like sit-ups and shit.

My son catapulted himself off the couch and into the corner of the wall over the summer. He is now the proud owner of multiple titanium plates. Scary shit. But not the reason I’m writing. Although he didn’t lose consciousness or vomit, based on the sheer velocity required to fracture his skull, they also treated him for a concussion. The treatment for that? Brain rest.

Most interestingly? Lights and screens. We had to limit the amount of bright light around him and his screen time (television and hand held electronics). Those two things will over stimulate the brain. That got me thinking about my most successful Mindfulness Moments and how they do not include electronics. The least successful do….like how I mindlessly scroll through Facebook because I am overwhelmed with being an adult. This does not qualify as a brain break. Sorry. I know, It’s disappointing.

I like my Mindfulness brain breaks served two ways. Mindfulness Moments and Mindfulness Exercises. Moments are just that, moments, they last just a few minutes, if that. Mindfulness Exercises? Those are legit. Like… 15 to 30 minutes.

If I’m agitated because my anxiety is building. I’ll do some exercises. Here are my two favorites:

Coloring. Trend is making it easy for us to color nowadays. WHICH IS AWESOME. There are adult coloring books at every turn. The hitch? You can’t color AND bitch or ruminate, that’s not restful. You have to focus on the task, allow yourself to get lost in it. Worried you’ll get too lost? Set a timer, give yourself a 15 minute color break!

Reading. I am not a reader of large books. That just makes me sleepy. But I like poetry and prose. My most favorite book is a collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s work. Reading a section of an essay and pondering it works wonders if you need to ground yourself.

And then, because I am who I am, I love when a space or an area is completely cleaned and organized. It makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together. So, sometimes, cleaning up a messy pile of papers will put me at ease, or organizing my jewelry box or just cleaning the top of the damn dryer.




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