Make shit happen and get shit done.

What kind of goals you got? Like, real goals.

Not the lottery. Not the magical conjuring of a suitable mate.

Achievable goals. Goals that rely solely on you. Your effort.

I’ve got a few. I’ve got Mom Goals. Career Goals. And ME Goals. None of them are sorted out. All of them are floating in my head. I need to write them down. Make them real. Create a Vision Board or just a plain ol’ list.

I love lists!!

Oh….but…writing them down makes failing at achieving them a reality. Ehhhhhh….

Oh, but I love a good list!

Lists free up space in my brain and reduce my anxiety. My therapist, Alan The Great, suggested writing “to-do’s” down as a way to free up space. It works wonders. Historically, I’d only made work to-do lists. Now I make them for almost everything. Except goals. I haven’t made one for goals.

Right now, I’m thinking about ME goals. I’ve got three right so far –

  1. Be a water drinker. A legit one.
  2. Be confident is all things ME; my look, my words, my actions.
  3. Sustainability of a healthy mind.

I’m currently failing miserably at the Water Drinker one. Dammit. Haven’t had a single sip all day.

I’m going to sort it all out; all my goals. And then! I’m going to share it, here…with YOU. In a series!  Because nothing makes a stubborn person achieve a goal like telling someone about it.

You go make your list and I’ll make mine and then we can meet back here next week! I’ll bring coffee!



7 thoughts on “Make shit happen and get shit done.

Add yours

  1. Hell yeah!! I need to get on this ASAP! See how quickly I forgot from two weeks ago. You’re quite the inspiration. And I feel the same way about potential failure. Time to get over it, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

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