mental health and happiness

I’m a happy person. Even though I have mental health challenges I still categorize myself as happy. I feel happiness every day. The amount of happiness can vary. But it is there. I’m a person who likes to laugh and make people laugh. I could walk on the heels of laughter all day.

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why I am not friends with my kids

I am friendly but not a friend. I love my children but we are not friends. Hopefully, if I raise them well, we will be friends when they are older. But we are not friends now. All parents have influence over their children. Fathers, step-fathers, mothers, step-mothers, significant others. Whomever is in their life is influencing them. But I think the mother has the greatest influence. If she is present or not. Being friends isn’t our job. It isn’t my job.

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He is just six years old but he’s lived quite the adventure thus far. He is a tenacious child with a magnanimous smile. He is sensitive to the world around him. He worries. He has a thirst for knowledge and an excellent vocabulary. He’s practical and creative. He will pull you in and captivate you. He has been challenging me since 20 weeks gestation. One day I will chronical our journey. Just not today. Today I need to write about him and his falls.

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setting personal goals

Goal setting is important for personal growth. Some goals can take years of work to manifest and others can take mere days or weeks. Goals don’t have to be big. They can be itty bitty goals. Sometimes, it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. Like getting up an hour early to achieve the goal of a calm rush free morning. And sometimes we create goals in order to establish good habits. And THAT is the premise for my ME Goals. I am looking to reprogram by brain and establish good habits.

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a note from the books.

You can read about the books here.

This is my favorite note.

This is the note that splits my emotional atoms in two; he is both here and not. I am happy to have the note but sad to not have him. This is also the note that reminds me how important words of praise are to our children. Genuine words. Not a reply to a child’s prompt. But a praise that comes out of nowhere. Those are the ones that stick with us. I need to do more of that.

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