setting personal goals

Goal setting is important for personal growth. Some goals can take years of work to manifest and others can take mere days or weeks. Goals don’t have to be big. They can be itty bitty goals. Sometimes, it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. Like getting up an hour early to achieve the goal of a calm rush free morning. And sometimes we create goals in order to establish good habits. And THAT is the premise for my ME Goals. I am looking to reprogram by brain and establish good habits.

The most important part of goal setting and goal achievement is defining what you will do to achieve the goal. Because of this, I didn’t just write a list of action words to share with you. I have given some insight as to what the goal entails.

I started with three ME Goals last week.

  1. Be a water drinker. A legit one.
  2. Be confident is all things ME; my look, my words, my actions.
  3. Sustainability of a healthy mind.

And I’ve even done some work towards achieving these goals. I know, EXCITING!

Consistency in our actions towards goal achievement is what gets us to the finish line. One goal is achieved by consistently executing on a number of actions.

Be a legit water drinker? Got it. But first I have to actually drink water. I have drank one 16 oz. cup of water each day for the past 7 days and yesterday I drank TWO 16 oz. cups of water. So now, TWO cups a day is my goal.

Be confident is all things ME; my look, my words, my actions. Ohhh this is tricky because it depends heavily Mental Health Sustainability. One bad day and confidence is out the window. But I’m committed. An action towards achieving my big Confidence Goal is simply to minimize ruminating over my appearance, my words, and my actions. I will be mindful and move on each time I catch myself ruminating.

I’ve added to my list as promised –

  1. Self-Care – get up and dress up, keep hair appointments and MAKE brow and manicure appointments. Make sleep a guilt free priority. Move my body; walk or something physical every day. I’m not a super big fitness person but I like my daily stretching and short walks. Self-Care also plays into Mental Health Sustainability. And in reality, Water Drinker could be part of this goal too but I’m considering Water to be Mission Critical so it gets its own goal.
  2. Read books – I am a writer not a reader but I do love learning. I also get discouraged by how long it takes me to read a book so I give up. Not anymore! I started reading Originals by Adam Grant. I started it about 10 days ago, so 300 more days and I should be done.
  3. Write everyday – full articles, writing prompts for future completion, notes, anything. Just SOMEthing each day.
  4. Relax – focus on what I’ve done rather than what I’ve not done. I get hung up on what I wasn’t able to accomplish and that discounts all that I did accomplish. Again, this feeds into Mental Health Sustainability.

You notice a pattern? Some of these overlap and feed into one another. Really what I have here are goals with sub-goals and sub-sub-goals. Recap, shall we? We shall because everybody loves a good recap!

  1. Be a water drinker.
  2. Be confident is all things ME.
  3. Sustainability of a healthy mind.
    1. Self-Care
    2. Relax
  4. Read books
  5. Write everyday

FIVE Goals. That seems reasonable. Achievable. Nothing outrageous. Goals that establish good habits. Goals that ensure I am taking care of myself. Because we can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Did you write your ME Goals? Are they awesome? Have you started work towards achieving them? If you haven’t written any, I would like to suggest you do.

Always best to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.








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