I believe.

I believe in happiness.

I believe we have the power to change our thought patterns.

I believe we are the company we keep.

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remove “should” from your vocabulary

I do love the feeling of accomplishment after procrastination. I do produce good work at the last minute. Go me. But I suffer when I procrastinate in other areas of my life. Like, putting off going to the doctor. Or putting off self-care. Or putting off relationships and connections.

“I should meditate”

“I should call and make the appointment”

“I should go for a walk”

“I should reach out to so-and-so”

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interpersonal communication


This is a tough skill for me. I’ve gotten better at it. Sorta.

What is interesting is my ability to use this skill within the work environment with ease and grace. But in my personal life, I struggle. I think it’s because work isn’t personal. Home is. And really, at the end of the day, my life doesn’t revolve around my workmates and whether or not they like me. My life DOES revolve around what is personal to me, WHO is personal to me, those relationships are what lift us up or tear us down.

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the importance of Self-Care

It’s a slow rise. One that I am attentively attending to. I anticipated the hard fall. Although I did not anticipate the fall to be as hard as it was. I was prepared for the days that followed. A dear friend of mine loving referred to my journey after my father died as a Forced Rebirth; calling April 7th my Forced Rebirth Day. I’ve embraced that. I’m finding great comfort in it. And in my self-care, I am celebrating it. My life is so very different now. And out of that sadness I have managed to sow a seed of compassion and understanding for myself.

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healthy body

I had my fitness assessment with the trainer. I was nervous. Which is silly but let’s be real. I have a fear of the unknown <queue anxiety>. So there’s that. I’m not judging myself for the nervousness I felt. Right now. I totally did in the moment. But I’m not ruminating. So, it s win!

It took about 45 minutes. Blood pressure, heart rate, skin fold fat percentage thingy then a step test, sit-up test, squat and push-up test. I was totally judging myself after the step test. I had to keep pace with this horrendous beeping sound for 3 minutes. After about a minute and half I thought I was about to gaze into the eyes of unconsciousness. After the 3 minutes we sat and she measured my heart rate again. The room was so quiet and I was painfully aware of my gasping breath. I tried to catch it but failed miserably.

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April 6th

I awoke to swollen eyes. Lids so tight. Like a pressure cooker on high. Blinking took less effort. Eyes were barely open. Sinuses full with equal pressure. My heart feeling as heavy as anvil. I miss him.

That was a lot of tears. The sad heavy kind. The kind that flow with no control, a deep ache within. Arms extended to receive a hug that isn’t there.

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“Sharing Stories” – Life after Death, by Sommer Phlipot.

I had the honor of sharing my story with Megan and her readers over at The Manic Years. Check it out!


The Manic Years


“There is a song by The Lumineers. It’s called Deadsea. There is a verse that really spoke to me at a time where I was at a significant crossroads;


“Yes, there are times we live for somebody else Your father died and you decided to live It for yourself you felt, you just felt it was time And I’m glad, cause you with cats, that’s just not right.”


My Father died and I had decided to live my life for myself. That’s exactly what I did. And boy did that open the mother of all cans of worms. I had sloppy execution and made some decent mistakes. But in the end it worked out for the better. I found my true self. I found happiness.

Up until then I had lived a life of people pleasing. I feared upsetting people through my words or actions so I carefully…

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