following through on personal goals

An update on goals. I’m totally nailing it. Sort of. If we exclude the whole water thing then YES. Nailing it. Oh and reading. Exclude that too.

I have kept my hair appointments. Score. Got one scheduled for Monday. Double Score. I’ve gotten two manicures since declaring my nails were significant. I do like looking down and seeing them done. Makes me feel put together even if I’m just wearing yoga pants dreaming about what it would be like to use the yoga pants as intended.

I’m about 98% successful with “get up and dress up” EVEN on the weekends. I’ve been practicing mindfulness daily and even got some writing in. I haven’t written much this week and that’s been because I’ve not been feeling well.

I feel like an old bag. I’ve injured my hip which agitated my knee which messed up my alignment which messed up my neck and shoulders. So yeah, old bag. I think it has been a necessary evil though. You remember that goal about moving my body more? Well, I think my body is telling me to get my shit together. Monday I’m meeting with a physical trainer to get me a fitness routine to strengthen my core. And in a couple weeks I’m meeting with a naturopath to get the rest of the shit handled through proper diet (::cough:: box of honey buns ::cough::) and vitamin/mineral balance. I spend a lot of time minding my mental health and I often ignore my physical health.  Even though I KNOW that there is a direct correlation.

But back to the water. Why is it so hard to consistently drink it? I hate that I do good for days and then the next thing I know its been four days and I haven’t had a drop. It’s frustrating. The last two days I’ve drank a decent amount, more than my two 16 ounce cups a day goal. Which is super. But I have to actually keep going. My mini-goal? Actually drink water over the weekend. If I can do that then I am a winner.

I’ve not done much reading but I’m thinking about reading which is a step in the right direction.

Keeping up the momentum is my mantra!


Did you forget what my goals were? That’s ok, check it out here!


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