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I had my fitness assessment with the trainer. I was nervous. Which is silly but let’s be real. I have a fear of the unknown <queue anxiety>. So there’s that. I’m not judging myself for the nervousness I felt. Right now. I totally did in the moment. But I’m not ruminating. So, it s win!

It took about 45 minutes. Blood pressure, heart rate, skin fold fat percentage thingy then a step test, sit-up test, squat and push-up test. I was totally judging myself after the step test. I had to keep pace with this horrendous beeping sound for 3 minutes. After about a minute and half I thought I was about to gaze into the eyes of unconsciousness. After the 3 minutes we sat and she measured my heart rate again. The room was so quiet and I was painfully aware of my gasping breath. I tried to catch it but failed miserably.

I’m not as bad off as I expected. Clearly what I see when I look in the mirror is different from reality. I also feel that I’m not alone in that line of thinking. I’m not interested in losing weight or doing any of this for the sake of vanity. I’m perfectly fine with my appearance and I have a ridiculously large wardrobe that fits just fine. I’m tired of having super low energy. I’m tired of the aching body. I’m tired of injuring myself doing stupid things like putting my backpack on. Or the fact that for two days following this assessment my arms were killing me from doing a dozen push-ups. I mean seriously. I am out of shape.

This is my starting point. I would like to see improvement in all of the endurance categories and I’d like to see my blood pressure go down. Speaking of blood pressure; I’ve had mine taken eight times since January and this most recent reading is the lowest. So I know the slightly elevated BP from my assessment isn’t a one-time fluke due to nervousness. I do have the beginning of a problem I need to fix.

Starting Weight (in pounds): 127

Resting Heart Rate: 78 BPM

Resting Blood Pressure: 122/80 (pre-hypertension)

Body Fat: 17.5% (22.28 fat, 104.72 lean mass)

Circumferences in inches: arm 10, waist 29, calf 14, hips 36.5, thigh 14.5

3 minute step test: heart rate 107 BPM (average)

2 minute push-up test: 13 reps (good)

2 minute sit-up test: 14 reps (below average)

2 minute squat test: 31 reps (above average)

The trainer created a whole body strengthen workout for me using bands. I am to do the strengthen workout 2 days per week and also do cardio (30 minutes) 2 days per week. The strengthening workout has three sets; each set has three or four activities, 12 reps per activity, then repeat and move on to the next set.

Set 1 – squat-shoulder press, biceps curl, triceps extension

Set 2 – lunge with lateral raise, bent over row, pull-apart

Set 3 – glute bridge, Russian twists, lying side kicks, scissor kicks

I’m going to give it my best. I’m going to not judge myself. I am not going to allow negative self-talk keep me from following through and allow me to give up.

Cheers to actively working on ME Goals – moving MY body!






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