begin the week with a day off

Is it Sunday or Monday? I have always “started” the week on Monday. Monday always meant school and then, as I aged, meant work. It was the start of the week.

My husband and I were talking last weekend and we thought we should start the week on Sunday. Begin the week with a day off instead of ending the week with two days off. Sunday had become a sad day over time… dreading “Monday”.

Why? What is so bad about Monday? It means work for most but it has meant work for most for many years so it’s no surprise that we have to earn a living. Is it because we glorify busy and jam so much into the “weekend” that we give ourselves no time for rest? Probably.

It may seem silly to most but in reality, it’s our mindset that controls our outlook… on everything. Changing thought patterns to purposefully change perspective. There are positive moments is all adversity. We have to make the conscience effort to see them. We control that. We may not be in control of the adversity we face (or perceive) but we are always in control of our reaction to it. Altering our frame of mind can alter our responses.

I have used Sunday to prep for the week for as long as I can remember and I will probably still do that to some (minimal) extent. But perhaps I will change up what I do when. Maybe chores on Saturday more than Sunday. Maybe chores throughout the week rather than Saturday or Sunday. I don’t know yet.

Today, I’m starting my week with a day off. And it feels good.



4 thoughts on “begin the week with a day off

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  1. Sommer, I love this! Right, Sunday can be a super fun day. I wonder if the work week is so blechy BC we don’t like to ‘have’ to do things (rather than recreational leisure stuff). Anyway, great blog. Funny, BC my forgiving journal last night was on directing my thoughts. Maybe it’s in the air. 😊

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