what is happening inside Sommer?

Fun fact.

“The majority of the body’s serotonin, between 80-90%, can be found in the gastrointestinal tract. It is thought that serotonin can affect mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory and sexual desire and function.”

How is your digestion? Mine is awful. In fact, I have had IBS for 20 years. When I learned this fun fact in recent weeks I was both happy and pissed. I was happy because of hope. I was pissed that I wasn’t gifted this information earlier in life. My serotonin doesn’t have a chance. Making it quite the challenge to maintain happiness. Joy going right down the shitter.

In my quest to heal the mess I live inside I sought out a holistic medical chiropractic outfit. Second best decision I have ever made for myself. My “first best” was seeking mental health support. My body hurts every day. Every part, every day. From when I rise to when I fall. For years. I’m in pain. Most times I tolerate it, push through. I don’t like prescription medication, never have. I’ll take ibuprofen if I must.

My hip is what put me over the edge. It had gotten so painful that it altered the way I walked and in the evenings it was making it profoundly difficult to walk up the stairs to my bed.

It is such a challenge to keep yourself in a healthy state of mind while in constant pain. I can see why people in chronic pain seek out illicit drugs to bury it. I understand how that comes to be. I personally cannot handle not being in control of myself which is why drugs were never a thing for me, the same goes with excessive alcohol. My anxiety protected me in that sense.

I wanted to understand the root cause and fix the root cause. I wanted it done holistically. I wanted it done using natural solutions under the watchful eye of western medicine. I was lucky to find just the place.

A myriad of blood work, exams, and x-rays led to the root cause. I’ve got two problems; a jacked up spine and gut.

My neck (which should have a soft C curve around 30% ish) actually is curved at 130% ish. Such a curve in this area is believed to contribute to sinus issues and headaches. This explains the last four years of debilitating headaches. Also explains why I always felt like I was looking up, like the base of my head was resting on my upper back, my shoulders raised high, my left arm into my fingers in a state of pins and needles. My lower back has a similar issue but not as severe. It is the cause of my hip which really isn’t my hip, but rather my tail bone and pelvis. I gazed at my x-rays in awe. Surprised but not.

There is no degeneration. Thank goodness. My disks are healthy. All of this is fixable. Fixable with spinal manipulation, physical therapy and an exercise regimen that strengthens my core to prohibit all of this from occurring again.

I also have a “leaky gut” which is causing my immune system to be constantly working to protect my organs. My blood work shows a collection of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. As well and less than optimal organ function. My thyroid and adrenal glands are out of whack. It is “Defcon 5” inside there. All correctable by correcting digestion by correcting diet. This is going to take a lot of work on my part. The work done here is sustainable through diet.

All of this will take 6 months.

I have had three chiropractic appointments so far. I am hopeful. I have already seen a difference. I am able to walk normally for the greater part of my day. The pain in my hip has been significantly reduced, hurting the most when I transition from sitting to standing and lingering slightly. I can turn my neck without also turning my torso. There is no longer any numbness in my left arm, hand and fingers.

Sometimes you just don’t know how shitty you feel until you begin to get some relief.

Monday I began to alter my diet. I tracked the days consumption and will share that hilarious experience with you another day. Today I meet with the nurse practitioner to being IV supplementation (temporary measure) and really begin changing my diet. I am hopeful and fearful. Habits are hard to break. Sugar is my nemesis. Changing what you consume in a day is a huge task. I have decided to take it one week at a time. Keep the focus narrow and manageable.

I know that holistic natural medicine isn’t for everyone and that is fine.

I would like to step (even higher) onto my internet soap box and say this – IT IS MY OPINION that using supplementation without leveraging western medicine to oversee it is scary and a little irresponsible. Unless you are well versed (as in formal education) as to how the body works, what it needs to correct what and the frequency/duration needed to correct it. I caution against ingesting god knows what that is being pushed out to the masses in unregulated supplementation pyramid schemes. Your neighbor is likely not qualified to sell you “nutritional” supplements. I also caution against supplementation without ANY lifestyle changes. There is no magic pill. And!! I believe you better know exactly what you’re ingesting and why and how it is impacting your health. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, I am challenging you to think about what you are doing. Always ask why. I know a lot of people who sell supplementation and very few who do it responsibly by providing education and lifestyle change support.

And stop drinking those damn energy drinks. Eat an apple.



7 thoughts on “what is happening inside Sommer?

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  1. I stopped eating wheat and it really helped migraines and arthritis. Sugar is my weakness, too. I think chiropractic, somatic therapy, and nutritional healing are the things that really help; I agree, go with someone who knows what they’re doing.

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  2. my anti anxiety medication is in charge of regulating my serotonin, but i have gained weight since the medication so maybe it works on my appetite or something! thanks for the funfact

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