Sixty Seconds Worth of Distance Run

Have you ever read the poem IF by Kipling? You should. It is powerful. My brother shared it with me during a difficult time many years ago and I have read it countless times. A copy hangs on my fridge and at my desk at work. It’s malleable; applying to a myriad of challenges. It is motivational. And positive.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute,  With sixty seconds worth of distance run. 

That is how I’ve felt as of late. I’ve been filling a lot of unforgiving minutes. I’ve not made time to write because life seems busier for some reason. And I’m making a lot of adjustments. My routine is being redesigned and I’ve not found the space where writing fits in.

My body’s current state is ever changing. I am on week five of chiropractic care and on week three of changes to my digestive health. A lot of changes are welcomed. A lot. My all over joint pain has resolved. I’m left with very specific pain that has improved. My digestion has improved ten-fold but there is still so much work do to. Changing my diet is more emotional than I anticipated. It’s even stressful at times. Unsure of what to prepare for myself and family. I think a great way to describe all of this change would be to say I’m optimistically uncomfortable.

The two weeks since Sommer Day have been very full. Our family experienced an unexpected loss and when that happens you just don’t care about the little stuff. You value time talking and connecting over time spent cleaning a house and grocery shopping.

We’ve been running and we’ve been tired.

My son had his neurologist appointment and began a regimen of Klonopin once again. This act, single handedly brought on some epic anxiety. A one hour anxiety attack that had me questioning the health of my heart was undeniably painful. I’m hyper-sensitive to his emotional state. Just four years ago we took him off of it because it influenced his mood so much. He has been feeling life deeply the last couple days and we hope it will resolve as his tiny body adjusts. My heart has been heavy for him. I’ve cried a lot of tears.

I’ve been filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Fill your unforgiving minute. Keep running.



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  1. I so appreciate this, Sommer! When I’ve made changes to my health, it can bring up a number of emotions and other things to heal and love… 🙂 Anyway, sending many blessings your way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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