Love Matters

Just finished a long car ride. Those are the best for reflection.  Scribbling notes. Writing down thoughts. I have many. Many thoughts. They are a little all over the place. Some are reflections of my past. Some are thoughts on the future world my kids will live in. A lot are in the moment as I reflect on the actions of one man taking the lives of so many in Orlando.

A single act affecting so many lives. So many.

I know a lot of people have things to say about it.

I know what the problem is.

But I don’t know the answer. Is it gun control? Is it access to mental health care? I don’t know.

I do know that love matters.

I don’t understand hate of that magnitude. I don’t have hate in my heart so I find it difficult to understand the mind and heart of those that do. I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t know if some people are born with it or if they are taught it.

I don’t know.

I know it makes me sad. It makes me fearful. Targeting an entire community. Because of hate. Is this the future world my kids will live in? I hope not.

I love many people who are part of this community and I want them to feel safe in any environment as they live their days. They deserve it just as much as any other human. But I’m selfish and a parent – I’m charged with contributing to the future world of my children.

My motivation is them.

I have no idea what my kids’ sexual preference will be so I have to stand with the LGBT community. This may be their community in the future and I have to protect it, stand for it, and support it. So do you.

I think it starts with teaching our children to accept everyone. The big things – race, religion, sexual orientation, disability. And the littler things – body type, language, education, athleticism, musical preference, dress, income, career choices.

But perhaps we have to take a step back?

Because maybe it starts with you. Are you part of the problem?  

Have you challenged yourself lately? Do you know why you have certain views? Are they the views of your parents, your grandparents or of your religious leaders? Are you accepting views of another at face value without looking for information to support it? Have you ever done any research and looked for information to widen your view? Ever looked at the facts? Have you ever played devil’s advocate with yourself?

We are all different. No two alike. We all bring something to the table.

When close minded parents raise closed minded children, we perpetuate hate.

I don’t know how to help the LGBT community right now other than supporting them with words and raising my kids to be accepting and supportive. I wish I knew the answer. I wish I knew how to end senseless violence against our fellow humans.



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