how to stop negative thinking

Negative self-talk. It’s a killer. I know I’ve been struggling lately. It happens when I put my focus on what I’m NOT doing or achieving. The change in diet has been emotional. And I am feeling like I’m constantly failing. That’s because I’m not attaining perfect execution day in and day out. I put a lot of pressure on myself to reach perfection in my endeavors. And I always fall short. And I’m always hard on myself. But I am working on it.

I’ve tried this exercise twice in the past couple weeks and it’s been successful in getting me centered. I thought I’d share.

Because you know, I like to share ideas.

Maybe you can give it a shot and see if it helps you?

It’s pretty basic. No magic trick here. Things you’ve heard before from your parents or teachers or even the interwebs.

Here it goes!

Set aside some time and make a list of ALL the things you’ve successfully changed that have been sustained.

That’s it. Total focus on the positives. A little mindfulness, a little self-care. It goes a long way.

I love sweets. Sweets love me. Sweets are my spirit animal.

Sweets have been my nemesis during this change in eating habits. Here is how it goes. I follow the plan and then I eat candy.Then I get ticked at myself and write the whole day off as a failure.

Do you do that?

I do that. And doing that day after day becomes defeating.

We never give ourselves credit for what we have accomplished. Unless you’re one of those people who are super full of themselves – then you give yourself a little too much credit.

Just today, I was a little frustrated that I still have a half dozen classes left before I can graduate. Sitting here feeling like it will never end. That I won’t EVER walk across that stage (dramatic, I know). But then I looked at my transcripts and realized that in less than two years I’ve taken 10 classes. Gotten A’s or B’s in all ten of them. And I did that while working full time and raising two kids. I also had extra-curricular activities going on for us, bought a home/moved and switched jobs.

Once I thought about the good stuff then I was all like “Damn, Sommer! Nice work! Keep kickin’ ass!”

There is a balance somewhere in there. There is nothing wrong with keeping your eye on the prize. But don’t let perfection consume you. Focus on the wins. Stop now and then, really look at what you have already done. I’m sure it’s impressive.



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