Today’s forgiving journal: Sharing Sommer’s story

Thank you Debbie for the invitation to share.



Today’s forgiving journal is sharing Sommer’s story.

I’ve recently been requesting for folks to share their story on forgiving.  I came up with some questions that you can answer, or you can share in a way that works for you.

Well, a dear fellow blogger Sommer of The Green Glasses shared her forgiveness story in an email to me.  It is beautiful.

Here’s a quote: “I imagine learning to forgive is like learning to love. One must love themselves before they can love another. One must be able to forgive themselves for them to forgive others.

I’m still working on the “forgive me” part of that equation.

For the whole story, read on…..

I love you.  So grateful for our journey together.




Every road has a beginning. I imagine some of you on this journey of forgiveness are at the very beginning, some are in the middle. This…

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3 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Sharing Sommer’s story

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  1. Sommer, I completely love your sharing on forgiveness. It is authentic, and honest, and full of wisdom on ways to work with ourselves (especially when we feel blocked)!! So thankful. 🙂 You are awesome, and many blessings your way my friend.

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