Let’s all just exhale…

The semester has come to a close. I managed to pull off straight A’s. I have no idea how that happened. But it happened. I checked twice. I’m tired though, I know that. I did pat myself on the back because damn…..this semester was hard!

The Holiday is upon us. What a year this has been. A year of self-acceptance. A year of “give zero shits”. A year of laying it all out there. A year of personal growth. A year of wellness. And next year? Well, it’s going to be even better…

There will be new journeys.

New victories.

This blog may evolve.

Or it may not.

Life is malleable.

Writing is malleable.

The spring semester starts mid-January with another three classes. I can taste graduation, it is so close. My last class will take place this summer. I expect to have time for writing in places other than my journal come the New Year.

My mental health is sturdy. I have learned to bend. Harnessing the energy. I’ve removed the cloak that once was too heavy. Thank you for that.



5 thoughts on “Let’s all just exhale…

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  1. Sommer this is wonderful! Sending you much love and blessings.
    Funny, I have an event scheduled at my place of work for the new year called “New Beginnings with Forgiveness”. Flows well with your post!
    Good to reconnect with you. Have a great holiday, and big smiles 🙂 Debbie

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