Noodle on that, would ya?


Of undisputed origin; genuine.

Live an authentic life.

What does that mean?

I don’t really know the actual answer. I am gonna have to noodle on that for a bit longer.

But this is what I “think” I think it means…

I imagine you must first discover your authentic self. Peel off the artificial parts of you. The layers placed upon your shoulders by society, by friends, by family. Scrape off the influence. Scratch away the negativity chattering away in your head. And when you reveal your shiny self, stand up and live. Unapologetically. Authentically.

I’ve been peeling. Scraping. Scratching. I’m gonna keep doing that.

I don’t know that I know who I am in there. Do you? Do you really know YOU or do you know the person your circumstance and environment created? And is that really your authentic self?



3 thoughts on “Noodle on that, would ya?

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  1. Oh, Sommer, I just love you! I am so grateful to know you and follow your blog.
    Best I know, I’m living in my authentic self when I experience joy, choose love, and live each action in alignment inside of me to the highest intentions I have to see Spirit!!!!
    Debbie Happy New Year!

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