Make a decision. And do it.

I made our wedding album today. My goal was to make it before our August Anniversary. Our 3rd Anniversary. I uploaded over 900 photos. Which, in itself, was an exercise of patience. It took nearly an entire day.

This morning I decided to just start it, make a few pages. A few pages turned into 34 pages. I was feeling creative, feeling joy reliving the memories. As I finished chunks I would want to share my excitement, I’d call over my husband and kids to look at my progress. Then I finished! I was literally doing a jig around the living and dining room.

I got to the checkout and entered some coupon codes and some gift cards I had been hanging onto for this project. My total appeared on the screen…$6! That’s right, SIX dollars! I managed to save myself over $100 bucks! My jig turned into a full fledge dance party!

So, what’s the message here? There isn’t one. I’m just excited! I set out and achieved my first 2017 goal.

This weekend has been chore free. Stress free. Rule free. Yesterday we played games, baked cookies, and watched TV. Today we ate cookies, watched TV, and I made the album. My husband is cooking up some yummy smelling lasagna for Sunday Dinner and we are starting this week with a great day off!

This week is also my last week before the semester begins! I am going to enjoy every minute of it.



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