you can redirect your thoughts

“Stop whatcha doin’, cause I’m about to ruin the image and the style that ya used to...”

Just kidding. But seriously, every time I think “stop whatcha doin” I seem to channel Digital Underground. Matter of fact, there are an unreasonable amount of words that trigger my brain to trail off into a lyrical departure from reality. I like that part of me.

You know what else I like? My ability to redirect. Not redirect in the way we do to avoid tough conversations, or guilt, or grief. But the redirect that gets your mind back into the moment. Step it away from the cliff overlooking that deep dark vast landscape that is our past. I am mostly successful. But only because of practice.

I think there is a misnomer floating around society. People (total generalization, I know) think a single counseling session (or twelve) and a self-help book (or twelve) will solve a problem. Solve it right on the spot. It won’t. Sorry.

All things take practice. All things. Especially mental health “things”. It just takes time. And practice. Conscience, dedicated practice. I know I have spoke of rewiring the brain. It’s true. We have to rewire it. Thousands of dollars in mental health guidance means nothing if you do not make the choice to put it into practice.

I often need to redirect my thoughts. My brain just loves to recall awful decisions, words, actions – you name it, my brain recalls it. Most frequently during showers (why?), driving, and at bed time (like most people). And I might not notice it right away but when I do I actually tell myself “stop what you’re doing”. And sometimes I have to say it out loud. And you know what? That’s ok too.

The next time you notice your brain dragging your ass towards that cliff… STOP and sing the Humpty Dance. You don’t have to sing it if you don’t want to but I bet if you did you would stop thinking about whatever “thing” that makes you feel awful and you might even smile.

Just know you are going to have to do that a lot. And that is ok.



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