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I’m Sommer.

I’m nearing 35. No, I’m 36 now! Gah – now I’m 37! These damn birthdays just keep coming! I have two elementary aged children. I have a husband. I have a dog. I have a career and I enjoy a hobby or two. I also like a good potato salad. Oh and coffee. I really enjoy coffee. Good coffee though, not shit coffee. You know what, I also like shoes. And accessories. And clothes. And I have anxiety. And I have suffered many bouts of depression, the longest one lasted a little over two years. And although anxiety and depression have been part of my life for over 20 years it has only been within the last 3 4 5 years that we’ve become friends. I figured, if they were going to be around, we should at least be on a first name basis. Calling the hospital and asking for help was like a bomb going off. I felt absolutely terrified yet overwhelmingly empowered in the same single moment.

There are 58 million people in the US suffering from anxiety and depression disorders. I have… like 58 million friends. But I didn’t always know those 58 million folks existed and felt like I was the only one, just stuck out on an island of sadness surrounded by an ocean of anxiety. That is a gloomy and scary place to be. I think that if I can help one person feel less lonely by bringing them to my island for a cup of coffee then it is all worth it.

I think most people have a hard time verbally expressing how they feel. I know I do. I’ve always felt better writing it down. If I could have done therapy by passing a notebook back and forth I would have gone a hell of a lot sooner! So, if I can write it down and share it with the masses and one person can share it with someone to explain how they are feeling then I want to do that. I want people to feel less lonely.

Welcome to my island! I’ll go put a pot of coffee on…



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  1. Hi Sommer:

    Thank you for following me and I’m happy to follow you back especially after reading your “about” page. I am one of your “friends” in the anxiety/depression society. *showing you my official lapel pin and giving you the secret handshake* I also went through a very rough patch of depression, but somehow I managed to journal about it and between that and the Effexor–Voila! Here I am, not much worse for wear.

    I love your writing voice and the things you write about. Looking forward to reading more.

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  2. Hi Sommer! I’m one of your 58million friends, lol! I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks since I was a child. Now nearly panic free, yay! I found you on A Kinder Way meet and greet. Nice to meet you! Hope you’re having a great weekend, Jenny

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  3. I like your mission! I found your link on Danny’s page. I’ll follow. 🙂 Take good care of yourself. I work with lots of children who suffer with anxiety and a host of other things…praying that today and every day is a little calmer for you.

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  4. You had me at coffee!!!! Your story seems a lot like mine, without the husband and kids. I suffer from anxiety and can NEVER express myself in a coherent way verbally. That’s why I write. So excited to read more!!!

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  5. Hey Sommer, great to meet you. I can relate to lots here not the least is that I also love my good quality coffee. Look forward to getting to know you more through your blog. Cheers from Australia. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for your honesty around anxiety and depression. So great to see people speaking openly to help reduce the stigma!

    I would encourage you to apply to Quartet’s Patient Advisory Committee, it’s a cool opportunity for people who are open to sharing their experiences with behavioral health conditions to help shape the future of behavioral healthcare: http://www.quartethealth.com/patients

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