Lessons from the 1950’s

I love the 1950s. Less all the racism, male privilege, inequality and the threat of communism. You know, other than that, I LOVE THE FIFTIES! My house is sprinkled with Mid-Century modern flair and my closest has more than a few dresses reminiscent of the time.

Architecture, design and apparel.

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Unrealistic Beauty Standards

I am not the prettiest girl you’ll meet. And I’m ok with that.


Growing up I dubbed myself the funny one.

Growing up we think outward beauty is the rule, not the exception. As we age we learn that it is in fact the exception, not the rule. I have an uncommon combination of rather unique features. And a half lazy eye. So there’s that.

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I am a Victim of the 90’s brow.

I hated my eyebrows growing up. Hated them. They were gigantic and weird and I think they were five hairs away from connecting. As a gift for my 15th birthday my mom, who went to beautician school, tweezed my eyebrows for me. In hindsight, they were perfect. She taught me how to keep them cleaned up and I took it from there. At some point, unsure when, I just kept tweezing…

and tweezing…

and tweezing…

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