I believe.

I believe in happiness.

I believe we have the power to change our thought patterns.

I believe we are the company we keep.

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remove “should” from your vocabulary

I do love the feeling of accomplishment after procrastination. I do produce good work at the last minute. Go me. But I suffer when I procrastinate in other areas of my life. Like, putting off going to the doctor. Or putting off self-care. Or putting off relationships and connections.

“I should meditate”

“I should call and make the appointment”

“I should go for a walk”

“I should reach out to so-and-so”

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healthy body

I had my fitness assessment with the trainer. I was nervous. Which is silly but let’s be real. I have a fear of the unknown <queue anxiety>. So there’s that. I’m not judging myself for the nervousness I felt. Right now. I totally did in the moment. But I’m not ruminating. So, it s win!

It took about 45 minutes. Blood pressure, heart rate, skin fold fat percentage thingy then a step test, sit-up test, squat and push-up test. I was totally judging myself after the step test. I had to keep pace with this horrendous beeping sound for 3 minutes. After about a minute and half I thought I was about to gaze into the eyes of unconsciousness. After the 3 minutes we sat and she measured my heart rate again. The room was so quiet and I was painfully aware of my gasping breath. I tried to catch it but failed miserably.

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setting personal goals

Goal setting is important for personal growth. Some goals can take years of work to manifest and others can take mere days or weeks. Goals don’t have to be big. They can be itty bitty goals. Sometimes, it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. Like getting up an hour early to achieve the goal of a calm rush free morning. And sometimes we create goals in order to establish good habits. And THAT is the premise for my ME Goals. I am looking to reprogram by brain and establish good habits.

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