He is just six years old but he’s lived quite the adventure thus far. He is a tenacious child with a magnanimous smile. He is sensitive to the world around him. He worries. He has a thirst for knowledge and an excellent vocabulary. He’s practical and creative. He will pull you in and captivate you. He has been challenging me since 20 weeks gestation. One day I will chronical our journey. Just not today. Today I need to write about him and his falls.

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Lessons from the 1950’s

I love the 1950s. Less all the racism, male privilege, inequality and the threat of communism. You know, other than that, I LOVE THE FIFTIES! My house is sprinkled with Mid-Century modern flair and my closest has more than a few dresses reminiscent of the time.

Architecture, design and apparel.

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a note from the books.

You can read about the books here.

This is my favorite note.

This is the note that splits my emotional atoms in two; he is both here and not. I am happy to have the note but sad to not have him. This is also the note that reminds me how important words of praise are to our children. Genuine words. Not a reply to a child’s prompt. But a praise that comes out of nowhere. Those are the ones that stick with us. I need to do more of that.

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SHE who lives in a glass house

I am one half of a Co-Parenting Team. AND! I enjoy my time without my children. But not always. And in the beginning I would be sad when they weren’t with me. And sometimes I still get that way. It’s an odd conflict of emotions. And I think the guilt is driven by society and the assumption that a mother absolutely MUST be with her children at all times and when she is not she MUST feel guilty about it. Because once we become mothers we become droids of nurturing; giving and giving until we giveth no more.


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room reading

You know what’s hard? Being a mom. Being a parent.

As someone who has a keen sense of self-awareness I also, not surprisingly, have a high EQ. I find this quality to be advantageous even though it feeds into my anxiety. I can read a room. I can sniff out dishonesty, like “liar, liar!” dishonesty but also I can see the real story of a person, their insecurities, if they really are “ok” when they say they are…those things. I think I can put people to ease. I like that about myself. It’s my super power.

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the books

My dad would write a note each morning. To us. He believed in Mornings. In the note he greeted us, individually by name or as a whole. He’d remind us to have a great day, to “smile large”, he might wish my brother or me good luck on some endeavor or give us the low down on the day’s weather. He almost always drew a smiley face.

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I believe that a good morning sets the tone for the day. I think most people do. I like to get up between 5 and 5:30, make a pot of coffee and simply NOT RUSH.

I like to have at least 1 hour in the morning with no one around. This is my time. “My time” is quiet. It’s peaceful. And it’s necessary. I like to stretch in the morning. I’m not a super big work-out person. But I like to stretch and I feel energized after a quiet mindful stretch.

Wasn’t always this way.

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setting the baseline

I danced when I was a kid. I started in first grade and I danced until I started High School. Having an extra-curricular physical activity is important for children. I think it’s important for kids to interact with others outside of school, learn team work and move their body. The kids have hit the age where adding in an activity makes sense. We have tried a few, some successful, some not.

We showed up at the Taekwondo School with the intention of signing up my son. But my daughter seemed interested too and then the next thing you know the three of us were putting on uniforms.

I couldn’t say no. There wasn’t a good reason to say no. The instructor mentioned that it was a family class so the ages range and there are moms and dads too. Their eyes lit up.

Mommy, will you do it with us?

And I was all like…

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